Lika Sasaki - The 2020 Biotrade Principles

The 2020 BioTrade principles and the new self- assessment tool

Lika Sasaki, Programme Officer, UNCTAD 15 April, 2021

What is UNCTAD?

Sales from BT companies / associations Euro 5.15 billion (2019)

Currently implemented in 80+ countries Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe

195 member States

Created in 1964 Part of UN Secretariat


What is BioTrade?

BioTrade is the commercialization of goods and services derived from biodiversity that that adhere to a set of sustainability guidelines

BioTrade Principles and Criteria



What is BioTrade P&C?

BioTrade Principles

Principle 1: Conservation of Biodiversity

Principle 2: Sustainable Use of Biodiversity

Principle 3: Fair and Equitable Sharing

Principle 4: Socio- Economic Sustainability

Download the publication here

Principle 5: Legal Compliance

Principle 6: Respect for the rights of actors

Principle 7: Clarity on right to use and access to natural resources


What makes the P&C so unique?

1. Puts importance not only to mitigate biodiversity loss but how to become more biodiversity resilient

2. Based on experiences on the ground

3. Applicable across different areas contexts, and sectors.

4. Aligns with global policy developments and international agreements


What the P&C for businesses?

BioTrade Sectors

• Incorporating the P&C can help give businesses a competitive edge

• The P&C provides a guideline for businesses to become not only more biodiversity friendly, but become more resilient • It can be adapted to national circumstances and support companies that comply with national regulations

• Can be implemented in a variety of sectors


Introduction to the BioTrade Self-Assessment Tool

Developed by ITC and UNCTAD under the framework of the Global BioTrade Programme, financed by SECO.


How the self-assessment is organized


Access page


Log in


Enter into Dashboard page


Go to self-assessment


Search for BioTrade Assessments


Take the assessment


Get your results

Upon completion of the self- assessment, users obtain a sustainability diagnostic report covering different sustainability areas


Review your results

One the Self-Assessment is completed, it is saved in your dashboard. You can review, edit, and download your results.


Thank you!





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