David Eugui - Using Technology to Address Supply Chain Chall

Fisheries value chains are evolving…

Challenges • More monitoring: due to IUU fishing and human rights violations • More regulation: fisheries products face 2.5 more times more non-tariff measures that manufacture products (UNCTAD 2016) • More capital and technology intensive and less human resource intensive activity: this situation is applicable to all agriculture and fisheries value chains • Increased checks all over the value chain for multiple purposes: environment (climate), health, and human and social rights

Opportunities • Increase demand for fisheries products, specially for fresh produce

• Many of the technologies needed may already be matured and transfer partially goes with the goods & equipment • Increase use of digital technologies can enable traceability, reduce production costs & the role of intermediaries • Increase consumer awareness and certification for sustainably harvested and produced products and wiliness to prime price • Prices for fresh fish are stable with an slight upward tendency (except during 2020) as there is little space to growth with the exception of aquaculture • Potential for new Blue BioTrade sectors: bioprospecting, ornamental fish and links to sport fishing (catch and release) & eco-tourism

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