David Eugui - Using Technology to Address Supply Chain Chall

Key incentives to enable transfer fishing-related technologies

• Host country incentives • Fiscal incentives + shift in subsidies toward sustainable use and value addition (e.g., from fuel to equipment to fight IUU fishing) • Specialized training on sustainable fishing and aquaculture, specially for the small scale • Enable use of diverse categories Intellectual property by SMES (utility models, industrial designs, copyright protection for software) • Investment promotion for green/clean technologies • Home country incentives • Fiscal benefits to firms transferring technologies & hiring local scientific and technical staff via FDI or participation in segments of the value chain • Importers and sourcing companies can support the compliance of relevant regulation and standards by suppliers (e.g., Blue BioTrade) • Enable joint ventures for capture and production of sustainable goods • Enable licensing of public entities for green and blue technologies (positive global externalities)

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