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Facing The Reality of Food Security in The Region (A Diagnostic Approach)

Sensationalized and dramatic incidence of food shortages and hunger seen especially in parts of Asia and sub-Saharan Africa is absent from the Caribbean

• The consequence is underestimation of the problem of food insecurity in the region and a complacent attitude.

• Serious doubt to the extent to which there is accurate knowledge and full understanding of food security in the region.

• Food security in the Caribbean is at best precarious. These realities include impact of

 Climate change and the ubiquitous natural hazards  The decline in local food production in the region  The growing dependence on imported food  The estrangement of Caribbean populations from their traditional foods and diets and adoption of North- American style food

• Food security in the Caribbean requires the revitalization of sustainable local food production systems

• The region must re-purpose and enact a serious plan to make agricultural technological development a priorit y

The Caribbean except for Haiti does not have a shortage of food but access to quality

and affordable food


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