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Learn from Friendly Countries such as South Korea who has proven Job Growth From “Smart Farming”

South Korea

A total of 4 smart farms in South Korea with estimated 4,300 jobs over the next few years (by 2022) in the burgeoning smart farming industry.

https://www.futurefarming.com/Smart-farmers/Articles/2018/5/ South-Korea-creates-4300-jobs-in-smart-farm-industry- 283765E/


The Government of Aruba has approved a vertical farming project using Canadian company Affinor Growers’ vertical farming technology.

LED lamps to illuminate the farm.

• Air conditioning system to circulate and cool the air.

Osmotic system to purify water.

Fertigation unit, nutrient-rich solution for plants.

Pumps to deliver fertilizers to plants.

• Total Energy per m2 of growing area = 65.26


We can duplicate this in OECS Countries – One 10,000 smart farm on 2-3 acres of land can produce 50-100



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