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The Vision – Now is the time. Let’s make this happen! • The future is bright within the region if technology and biology can be harnessed for a greater good.

• Further collaboration between the private sector and regional governments is necessary for greater success

• Foreign aid and collaboration may be key for building out necessary infrastructure for biotechnology economy

• Streamlined regulations and unified codes within the region will maximize the effectiveness of bioscience

• Government should implement education policy with focus on STEM disciplines …..a rigorous training and development program

• Tax incentives to encourage investment in Biotechnology

 Short-sighted visions and political expediency, elected officials must discipline themselves to work toward longer term and more sustainable approaches to economic diversification

 Strategic investments, private/public partnerships, STEM educational efforts and a cooperative unified code of regulations across the region will maximize the effectiveness of all that is possible through this new and empowering science .


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