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A New Source of Food Using Biotechnology

Cellular and acellular agriculture can answer some of the sustainability and health challenges faced by the food industry. Fi Global insights | Nov 29, 2019

What is cellular and acellular agriculture? Are these new production methods or have they been used in the past to some extent?

When the cells are used for food like single cell proteins and plant cells

Microbes produce certain protein or component purified from the cell mass and culture media, we talk about acellular food ingredients.




• Quorn and spirulina are existing examples of cellular food products on the market. • Enzymes used in food manufacturing as processing aides are typical acellular products that have long been used by the food industry.”

Food (Ovalbumin)

Food (in vitro meat)

Cellular agriculture

Acellular products

Cellular products

Chemicals (Vanillin

Cosmetics (plant stem cells)

Materials (silk)

Materials (leather-like)


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