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Biotechnology and Biosafety Regulations….We should not let it be a deterrence


Summary of Progress in GMO Regulations

• A policy that embraces Biotechnology & Biosafety • Production of a 3 rd Draft of the Biosafety and Biotechnology Management Bill

Antigua & Barbuda

BIOSAFETY REGULATIONS (2 nd draft) • The Biosafety (Environmental Release) regulations • The Biosafety (Labeling) Regulations • The Biosafety (Import, Export and Transit) Regulations • The Biosafety (contained use) Regulations • Manual “Guidance for the Detection and Identification of Genetically Modified Organisms”

• Draft Biosecurity Act and Biosafety Framework

The Bahamas

Draft of Biosafety Policy


• Biosafety Cleaning House Mechanism

Biosafety Policy

• • • • • • •


Biosafety Bill

Biosafety Regulations

Biosafety Act 2012

St. Kitts & Nevis

Biosafety Amendment Bill 2016 Draft Biosafety Regulations 2016 Biosafety Policy Under Review

• Draft Biosafety Administrative System

Draft Biosafety Policy Draft Biosafety Bill

• •

St. Vincent & The Grenadines

• Draft Administrative Structure System

Natural Biosafety Policy

St. Lucia

• Enactment of biosafety biotechnologymanagement legislation

Revised Biosafety Policy Draft Biosafety Legislation Draft Administrative System Biosafety Cleaning House

• • • •

Trinidad & Tobago


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