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Biotechnology is transformational …. possibilities beyond

 Regional Governments must enact biosafety measures through Government

Agricultural Biotechnology

• Raise and stabilize yields • Improve resistance to pest • Improve resistant to drought, severe temp. etc. • To enhance nutritional content of foods


 Agree and enact unified codes of bio-safety

• Better Flavor


 The activity of plant enzymes can transform I. Flavor II. Aroma III. Aesthetics

Potential long-term impact exist. Some consumer advocate and environmental groups have demanded the abandonment of genetic engineering R&D. Which include some issues and fears Issues


• Genetic Engineering: DNA transfer to aid farmer to increase productivity

• Fresher Produce

 Genetic engineering can result in improved properties I. Nutritional value II. Less decay III. Less damage

 Weeds,  diseases  or insects • Molecular Markers:

Health-related issues

Social Issues

 Select plants or animals that have a desirable gene

 Breeding more precise  Breeding more efficient

Environmental and ecological issues


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