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Proposed Actions - Summary


Strategic Choices

No regrets

Options open

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Strengthen agricultural R&D systems Modernize agri-logistics infrastructure Up-skill agriculture and food system workers

13. Maintain access to established and emerging markets 14. Invest in irrigation where appropriate 15. Support development of biofortified foods and nutraceuticals 16. Facilitate the emergence of peri-urban and urban agriculture

Promote healthy diets

Reduce food loss and waste

Make agriculture & food systems climate smart

Deepen rural financial markets Improve land tenure security

Risk mitigation

Game changers

9. Step up climate monitoring 10. Strengthen defenses against food-borne diseases 11. Build safety nets that can be activated quickly in times of crisis 12. Promote the use of financial instruments for managing risk

19. Decouple all agricultural production support 18. Ensure that all agri-food system work is safe and fair 19. Make agri-food systems carbon neutral 20. Declare war on junk food

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