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Opportunities in the agro-logistics space. No regret action: Modernize agro-logistics

• The digital revolution is creating exciting new opportunities for producers and consumers to realize gains by using digital technology to match buyers and sellers; to seize this opportunity, investments will be needed in ICT infrastructure and App development, to allow rapid and low-cost communication of market information.

Matching D&S

• As demand increases for products that are fresh and nutritious and safe to eat, this will create the need for more modern agro-logistics systems, to ensure that high-quality, often perishable products can be delivered quickly, efficiently, and safely to consumers; this will require investments in harvesting facilities, packing sheds, cold storage, refrigerated transport, and tracking equipment.


Cross cutting needs include Overall Agro-industrial system Policies, the role of Institutions, Customs and Border Infrastructure and Processes, Digital, Information and Communication Technologies, and Technical and Monitoring Capabilities.

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