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The Job Market of Today and the Future • Position titles and roles may remain the same, but tasks will change • Jobs, functions, skills are being shaped by: automation and technology integration; robotics; big data; etc. • Almost regardless of the job or function, increasingly technology will be integrated into it • Repetitive/predictable tasks are being automated • Dangerous and/or labour-intensive tasks are being given to robots • But humans still required for critical thinking, social and cognitive skills, complex reasoning and perception


Jobs/Industries Poised For Growth

IT/ICT Professionals •Computer Engineers •Security •Software Developers •Data Analysts, etc.

Healthcare/ Welfare •Doctors •Nurses •Childcare Workers •Caregivers, etc. Teachers •Primary School Teachers •Secondary School Teachers •College/University Lecturers •Teacher Aides, etc.

Creative Industry •Artists •Designers •Entertainers, etc.

Construction •Architects; •Engineers •Installation and Repair Workers, etc.

Corporate • Senior Management •Executives



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